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Personal Rapid Transit is the name given to a technology that gives us the first new form of transport in a century.

This campaign is to establish a fair trial system within 5 years.

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Shweeb Cycle monorail

Finally someone has built a cycle monorail, except in Newzeland, but there is a UK company promoting it.

Very cool. Forget the fairground ride. Imagine what would happen if this was in a city. The supporting posts are very narrow not much bigger than lamposts.
Light vehicles means that you get small thin support rails and so you shouldn't get huge numbers of people objecting to the 'visual intrusion' of the overhead rails.

The vehicles are both enclosed so good for rain, wind, vital for a 365 days a year usage. Its important for safety (falling out) and it means you can easily carry stuff with you
The recumbent position means less less wind position and a much better cycling position ( more speed)

I'm very excited by this. Basically you don't get any lighter or more reliable than a bike. Its very quite too.

More importantly you can sail over junctions and traffic lights and you can change the heights of the posts to keep the system on the level. I love the idea that everywhere becomes Holland or Cambridge. On big hills they could put an assist ( like the chains they have for roller coaster rides).

I do wonder about the wheels are they rubber tyres or steel ? Steel is louder but more energy efficient ( less rolling resistance)

Best of luck to the UK company I think they are thinking of it in a transport context.

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